What We Do?

One stop with dynamic set of services ranging between consultations, development and marketing for your business

CoExLogica offers services that encompass development, consultation and marketing. Our experienced developers master in providing services of desktop, web, mobile apps, cloud based, back-end APIs and workflow automation software development.

Digital marketing is another forte that our team takes pride in. We provide business-marketing services for all platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Google Plus). The process usually starts with business consultation and accelerates towards end-to-end development and marketing.

As the Ecommerce business continues booming, our services of Virtual Business Assistants are to the point and top notch. Big data management and its migration is another service our expertise lies in.

Be it cloud services, organisational IT management, business intelligence or product/project management, we offer all these services with a 24/7 support all across the globe.